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Apartments If you are looking for a flat in Lviv it is not obligatory for you to weigh  different options personally. No matter where your dream  accommodation is situated – in the new house or in the ancient one, in  the city center or in the residential district, real estate agency Romder will  help you in the search of it. We own one of the biggest databases on real  estate in our city so we can easily find for you the very flat that satisfies  your requirements the most.

Flats in Lviv have always been a desired purchase and a costly property. Especially is concerns the flats in Austrian or German houses of XVII-XIX century, which are situated in the city center or in contiguous areas. Formerly clubbish set lived in these houses, they were the richest and the most influential citizens of Lviv, politicians and scientists, writers and poets, artists known in whole Europe. Until now these walls have preserved the spirit of nobility and delicacy of their former residents.

Apartment sale Lviv

Is there anyone who is not willing to buy an apartment in Lviv? Such purchase gives lots of advantages. Naturally, the first among them that can be named is nearness to history, culture, art and beautiful ancient architecture. You can feast eyes on Ratusha, cultural memorials that are listed in UNESCO world heritage and houses built in very different styles from your window. Your walks will take place in a real open-air museum and you will go to work by houses of politicians, artists and people of culture of past times. But those are not all advantages. In recent years Lviv have become the center of Ukrainian business so it will be easy and profitable to set up your business here. In the city of Lviv computer companies are particularly prospering. Nearness to Europe and a big amount of firms of different dimensions make a life in the cultural capital comfortable and pleasant. Romder Company may help you to buy an apartment in the city of Lviv. We are engaged in the sale and the rent of very different property and are considered to be true aces in this undertaking

About apartments in Lviv

Lviv is a big city and now it is growing more and more. That is why there are lots of offers of apartments here. Having opened any magazine of a corresponding dimension you can see lots of advertisements kind of “want to buy an apartment in Lviv” and “want to sell an apartment in Lviv”. Property market in the cultural capital of Ukraine is developed now more than ever. There are very different offers in it and they can satisfy any client. Some of the main options are:

  • Apartments in the center (for those who want to be close to beauty, history and cultural life);
  • Apartments in the residential areas (for those who consider important to have a calm life and speedy access to the intercity transportation);
  • Apartments in Sykhiv (for those who are going to participate in local business-life);
  • Apartments in modern residential compounds (for lovers of European comfort).

As you can see apartment sale in every part of Lviv has its target audience. Every apartment has its advantages and disadvantages and a big amount of characteristics, to which you should turn your attention. For a person without special preparation it will be hard to appraise all the aspects of each offer and to choose the best one. That is why searching for an apartment in Lviv you should contact a specialized firm that will take upon itself the main part of work. It will help not only to economize the time but also to be sure that chosen accommodation really is in good condition and price for it complaints with standards. We will help you to view apartments in Lviv and to buy the one that will suit you the best.

About apartments sale

Due to the rise of demand for accommodation in the cultural capital and the moving of many native Lvivers abroad, recently urgent apartment sale in Lviv has become popular. Lots of people are willing to buy or to sell a flat in the city of Lviv in short time. It helps qualitative contract making as far as every party is ready to come to some terms and as a result it is much easier to compromise. As a result the amount of contracts signed at the property market is growing almost at an exponential rate. Now is high time to purchase an apartment in Lviv.

The Advantages of Flats in the City Center

The flats in ancient houses are extremely desired not only due to their historical value. They have a lot of advantages:

  • high ceilings;
  • refined and comfortable planning;
  • location not far from garden suburbs, there are a lot of them in the city center;
  • impressive views from the windows on the ancient city;
  • nearness of different entertainment establishments: theatres and cinemas, museums, cafes, restaurants and many other;
  • near location of shops, banks, juridical offices and other important offices;
  • possibility to get quickly to any city borough.

Imagine – from the window of your flat in Lviv you could see the TV-tower in Vysokyi Zamok, the flag on Ratusha, high spires of harmonious churches. To listen to the strike of city clock…

In addition, if you like silent places more, where there are no big throngs – you can buy a flat, for example, in the enchanting borough of so-called New World. Neat two-storied villas with weathercocks on tiled roofs, mysterious figures on the walls, small flower gardens near the house – all of these look extremely attracting and will let you feel yourself in the new accommodation like in a fairy-tale.

Moreover, own flat in the center of the city of Lviv is the best value for money. This s because prices of real estate in central boroughs rise gradually.

The Advantages of New Buildings

However, not everyone likes central boroughs and for some people it is more pleasant to walk and have fun in the city center rather than live there. If now you are in the search of a flat in the new borough of the city of Lviv – our real estate agency will also help you.

The flats in new houses have the advantages:

  • new flats differ with modern planning of high convenience;
  • flats are fitted with modern heating systems, electronic communications;
  • near the houses parking lots or underground garages are designated;
  • near location of supermarkets;
  • nearness of schools, kindergartens, children’s playgrounds for your children;
  • possibility to get both to the center and to the city’s exit quickly;
  • nearness of clubs, entertainment establishments, cafes and restaurants.

If the price of modern flat in the new building seems for you to be too high – brilliant option could be a flat in the many-storeyed house built in the second half of last century.

These flats have less area of room than modern ones but are characterized by convenient planning, availability of central heating systems, convenient parking lots near the houses, nearness of schools, kindergartens, medical settings, shops.

So, if your dream is a flat in Lviv you may choose the most appropriate one for you out of the offered options.

Real-estate agency Romder will help you to make the best choice. We will not waste your time offering all the available options, but we will find a flat just for you taking into account all the requirements. Our brokers prefer individual attention to clients.

An additional point is that we offer our clients professional legal services considering purchase and sale of real estate. Our lawyers will help you with the formalization of all the necessary documents. We observe the law assuredly and guarantee the safety of all the procedures.

Clients and partners


Vitalii Rygak

Marketing director of web-studio«Metod»

Cooperation with real estate agency has started with recommendation of my friend's. The agency has found, in reasonable time, office for my business that  meet my needs. Also, I have need apartment for long term rent. Long term rent is not their main specialty, but they found for me apartment in the right neighborhood. In contrast to other agencies that offers all the options that are only possible, but agency "ROMDER" propose only those that met my requirements and this fact save a lot of my time.

Taras Bachynskyy

Director of law company «Legalaid»

Company “ROMDER” proved itself  on the best side. Since 2014 I actively cooperates with the director of the company, which quickly and efficiently performed all tasks. The big advantage of cooperation with this real estate Agency  is that all employees know foreign language and this fact in several times speeds up providing information to foreign clients.

Apricot Global

Call centr - International company

Task for our company was to find the “prepared business” that could be started without additionals costs and in short time to start.

The most effective results had real estate agency «Romder». They showed a high professional level, pleasantly surprised us that all employees have acceptable level in English. Agency quickly propose a few variants that fell under our requirements that once again showed that agency of the real estate “Romder”- company of experts on estate property market. Company have organized comfort show of all propositions, and gave full information about every one premises.

Company “Apricot Global” with all responsibility recommends real estate agency “Romder” that has individual approach to every client. They give wide spectrum of services from understanding of necessity of client to the conclusion of contract.


Polish marketing company

When we open a representative office in Ukraine we had to find the office premis that would have met our requirements  for effective dealing business  in Ukraine. When we are looking for office  real estate agency “Romder” have provided us with professional services. It should be mentioned that we were given a wide choice of offices and was take into account our wishes to them. The Agency has provided us with a wide  range of services which include comfortable showing of all office spaces and provide full information about each office space, support at the signing  of lease agreement.

We  can recommend agency «Romder», if you want to have a wide choice when looking for offices and get a wide range of professional services.

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