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Real estate agency - Romder

Want to sell an apartment and house in Lviv

apartment Accommodation in Lviv is very popular goods. Lots of people are willing  to purchase an apartment in the most European city of Ukraine and to be  nearer to ancient architecture, cultural events and the center of computer  business. In response, lots of Lvivers start selling their old apartments.  Nevertheless, advertisement era is almost gone. It is hard to sell an  apartment through newspapers or Internet. It is not easy for a customer  to allocate among a big amount of offers the one he needs. That is why, in  majority of cases property buy/sell is conducted with the help of specialized companies. If you want to sell a house in Lviv, Romder firm will help you in it. We are one of the best in this undertaking.

Special aspects of house sale

House sale is not a simple process. It consists of several stages and a salesman has to consider and do lots of different things. Here are only some actions that you will need to make in order to sell a house:

  • Formalize big documentation package;
  • Set the room price;
  • Make two contracts;
  • Find a customer.

Clearly it will be hard to deal with this individually. These things need remarkable knowledge of property and jurisdiction spheres and also a big amount of time. That is why it is much more advantageous to use services of a professional who will explain you in detail what to do and will help with each item.

Our services

One of the biggest advantages of working with our company is a use of database. Instead of writing advertisements kind of “want to sell an apartment in Lviv” you will just be added in the base and our every client who will be interested in the purchase of your apartment will be acknowledged with it. Apart from that we will help you to formalize necessary documentation, to make and to notarize contracts and also to estimate your accommodation. Contact us, it is easy to sell an apartment with us.

Clients and partners


Vitalii Rygak

Marketing director of web-studio«Metod»

Cooperation with real estate agency has started with recommendation of my friend's. The agency has found, in reasonable time, office for my business that  meet my needs. Also, I have need apartment for long term rent. Long term rent is not their main specialty, but they found for me apartment in the right neighborhood. In contrast to other agencies that offers all the options that are only possible, but agency "ROMDER" propose only those that met my requirements and this fact save a lot of my time.

Taras Bachynskyy

Director of law company «Legalaid»

Company “ROMDER” proved itself  on the best side. Since 2014 I actively cooperates with the director of the company, which quickly and efficiently performed all tasks. The big advantage of cooperation with this real estate Agency  is that all employees know foreign language and this fact in several times speeds up providing information to foreign clients.

Apricot Global

Call centr - International company

Task for our company was to find the “prepared business” that could be started without additionals costs and in short time to start.

The most effective results had real estate agency «Romder». They showed a high professional level, pleasantly surprised us that all employees have acceptable level in English. Agency quickly propose a few variants that fell under our requirements that once again showed that agency of the real estate “Romder”- company of experts on estate property market. Company have organized comfort show of all propositions, and gave full information about every one premises.

Company “Apricot Global” with all responsibility recommends real estate agency “Romder” that has individual approach to every client. They give wide spectrum of services from understanding of necessity of client to the conclusion of contract.


Polish marketing company

When we open a representative office in Ukraine we had to find the office premis that would have met our requirements  for effective dealing business  in Ukraine. When we are looking for office  real estate agency “Romder” have provided us with professional services. It should be mentioned that we were given a wide choice of offices and was take into account our wishes to them. The Agency has provided us with a wide  range of services which include comfortable showing of all office spaces and provide full information about each office space, support at the signing  of lease agreement.

We  can recommend agency «Romder», if you want to have a wide choice when looking for offices and get a wide range of professional services.


Ukraine, Lviv Shevchenka str, 24