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To buy a one-room apartment in Lviv

oneroom In recent years more and more people gather in Lviv. Young people come  here in order to study in the most popular university of the country.  Programmers also come in here to work in “Ukrainian Silicon Valley”. A lot  of people come here to set up own business in the city of Lviv due to the fact  that there are always lots of tourists here. People from surrounding towns  and villages also move to the city. This tendency leads to the facts that  demand for property in the cultural capital increases continually. This is  because having come here you need to provide yourself with accommodation at once. And considering that demand begets supply, lots of different flats are continually up for sale. To buy a one-room apartment in Lviv will be the best decision for those who have just moved to the cultural. Bur it is often hard to choose from variety of offers the necessary option and for most of new Lvivers it is hard to carve out time to see lots of rooms. Help in these problems is offered by Romder Company. We professionally address the issue of properties and will gladly help you to buy the best one-room apartment in Lviv for you.

About one-room apartments

One-room apartment is one of the best options of accommodation for a student, a young specialist or a childless couple. Such accommodation is not expensive but it can fully satisfy the needs of one or two persons. It will suit especially well for young people. If you decided to buy such a flat you need to know some points. One-room apartments in Lviv are represented by several options:

  • In old houses, in the center;
  • In residential districts;
  • In new residential compounds.

Every option of one-room flat has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, a flat in the center will let you to be close to urban life and to enjoy ancient landscapes. Accommodation in the residential district does not have these advantages but price for it is significantly lower. Flats in the modern compounds are made with maximum comfort but are usually very expensive. On the basis of this information it will be easy for you to choose a kind that mostly corresponds to your preferences and possibilities.

Sale of oneroom apartments

Recently the sale of one-room apartments in Lviv is performed continually. Lots of Lvivers move abroad or just change the old flats to bigger and more modern ones. Consequently there are lots of different offers in real estate sphere. Many people want to sell a flat urgently. It gives customers the opportunity to obtain better conditions than usually. Here and now is the best period for purchase of property in Lviv.

Our services

For a layman it can be rather hard to turn attention to all the special aspects of a room, to formalize necessary documentation properly and to make an advantageous contract. That is why, if you want to purchase a one-room apartment, you should use services of our firm. We use a big database that allows finding necessary offers rapidly. We will also economize your time: you will need to see only the best options. Apart from that we will help you in the juridical aspects of the undertaking. It is easy to buy apartments with us.

Clients and partners


Vitalii Rygak

Marketing director of web-studio«Metod»

Cooperation with real estate agency has started with recommendation of my friend's. The agency has found, in reasonable time, office for my business that  meet my needs. Also, I have need apartment for long term rent. Long term rent is not their main specialty, but they found for me apartment in the right neighborhood. In contrast to other agencies that offers all the options that are only possible, but agency "ROMDER" propose only those that met my requirements and this fact save a lot of my time.

Taras Bachynskyy

Director of law company «Legalaid»

Company “ROMDER” proved itself  on the best side. Since 2014 I actively cooperates with the director of the company, which quickly and efficiently performed all tasks. The big advantage of cooperation with this real estate Agency  is that all employees know foreign language and this fact in several times speeds up providing information to foreign clients.

Apricot Global

Call centr - International company

Task for our company was to find the “prepared business” that could be started without additionals costs and in short time to start.

The most effective results had real estate agency «Romder». They showed a high professional level, pleasantly surprised us that all employees have acceptable level in English. Agency quickly propose a few variants that fell under our requirements that once again showed that agency of the real estate “Romder”- company of experts on estate property market. Company have organized comfort show of all propositions, and gave full information about every one premises.

Company “Apricot Global” with all responsibility recommends real estate agency “Romder” that has individual approach to every client. They give wide spectrum of services from understanding of necessity of client to the conclusion of contract.


Polish marketing company

When we open a representative office in Ukraine we had to find the office premis that would have met our requirements  for effective dealing business  in Ukraine. When we are looking for office  real estate agency “Romder” have provided us with professional services. It should be mentioned that we were given a wide choice of offices and was take into account our wishes to them. The Agency has provided us with a wide  range of services which include comfortable showing of all office spaces and provide full information about each office space, support at the signing  of lease agreement.

We  can recommend agency «Romder», if you want to have a wide choice when looking for offices and get a wide range of professional services.


Ukraine, Lviv Shevchenka str, 24